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Automated Voice Message

Information dissemination, reaching out to large masses, within the shortest possible time is the need of today’s time. When the government, enterprises or any entity wants a system to voice out their product, services or any information to their own customers or prospective customers, then automated voice messaging is the best way to accomplish the very objective.

Use Case

  • Reminder calls to patients for medication.
  • Collectionreminder for timely payments and avoidance of late payment charges.
  • product promotions.
  • Loyality Programs.
  • Welcome Calls.
  • OTP Calls.


  • Parahit’s existing infrastructure is capable to dial out 10 million calls in day
  • Real time performance status for as many as 10 million calls is the competitive edge Parahit’s automated voice messaging system has.
  • Any level of IVR can be created from drag and drop IVR tool.
  • Whether it is web service (xml, http, https) or system file upload for dial out, our application gives a seamless UI to manage and monitor the process
  • We understand the need of engaging with the customer(s) on real time with a customer success representative, so the system easily facilitates such requirements.
  • Automatic retry and attempt management is intelligently handled by the system for unsuccessful calls, without any user level interventions
  • Promotional calls are to be in compliant with the telemarketing regulations. We ensure that no DND registered subscriber(s) is bothered through our system.
  • Each process has its specific needs, we allow users to schedule all their campaigns and processes accordingly. Even a specific number or set of numbers for the same or variable information can be reached out for the arranged schedule.

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