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How Cloud Telephony Change Communication Industry?

The communication industry has reached the cloud in its venture to go beyond the sky. Even the people with no technical knowledge are enjoying this drastic change. Telephony has always been a closed industry with proprietary systems owned by a few dominant players but today, Cloud telephony is developing as one of the fastest-growing technologies. It comes with zero installation cost and easy scalability that makes it even easier for every business for hassle free customer engagement. It follows a powerful technology trend, enabling valuable communications and collaboration features at a relatively low price point.

An ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, cloud telephony is particularly attractive for SMEs, start-ups and growing businesses that require scalability, flexibility and a feature-rich solution. This is a tool for the new generation where employees can work from anywhere, thus facilitating greater degree of flexibility.

Cost Effective

Traditional systems that work on-site PBX carry huge installation costs and longer installation times whereas a Cloud Telephony system uses an internet connection to make call engagements with easy setup. You can reduce the amount of hardware further by opting for a soft phone and removing desk phones. The hardware updates are not required very often for cloud telephony, which ultimately wipes off your maintenance costs too.

Most people till now are familiar with and automated voice that instructs the users to dial the extension number. These systems may enhance professionalism but prior to cloud, were usually priced outside the range of small businesses. Not anymore The rise of technology has made it easier for employees to work remotely.

They can work from home or in different office locations resulting in increased communication eventually. When the small businesses employees workers from far off locations who are proficient enough to work on their mobile phones, cloud telephony makes it even easier to work smarter and save money.

Data Security

Adoption of cloud telephony systems continues to rise, yet there are many organisations still hesitating to make the move. This reluctance largely focuses around the concerns about data security. When you’re thinking of transferring data or even your office phone system to the Cloud you may often come up with some questions on its safety and security. In most cases, and including in our case, the security of the Cloud will mainly lie in the hands of the provider. This means it is our priority to ensure the correct measures are in place, leaving less for you to worry about.

Making sure your customers’ and employees’ personal information is kept private and is imperative to the reliability of your business. Cloud telephony enhances security by allowing your personnel to communicate with customers without revealing either party’s personal phone number.

High Availablity / Uptime

One of the most important aspects of any cloud computing solution is the availability of the cloud

An often overlooked business benefit of cloud telephony is that such solutions provide businesses with an additional layer of redundancy. Suppose you are operating an on-premise solution and your office unfortunately get affected by an unforeseen event such as power cuts and strikes or worse a natural disaster such as a storm or fire, it is often the case that your business communication lines are also affected and not only for those team members who are based in the office.

However, by switching to a cloud solution, all your telephony services will still be accessible to remote employees, branch offices and even your office based team will be able to continue working from home.


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